Dear Student,

As communicated to you earlier, The SRC is aware of the state of anxiety students find themselves especially those who have not been able to register for the semester for one reason or the other.

We are well aware that even some students who paid their fees before the designated date were either faced with ERP issues or payment reflection issues.

The SRC is taking bold and deliberate steps for an extension to be granted for all students to register.

In the meantime, we urge students to continue to make payments of the right amounts to the bank to ensure that once the system is opened, they will be able to register.

Similarly, students who have paid their fees but yet do not have the amounts reflecting on the ERP should kindly take their receipts to the finance office for the necessary actions to be taken.

We shall keep students updated on any developments.

Students should not hesitate to pass by the offices of the SRC if need be for further assistance or enquiry of any regard.

Thank you.

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