Pursuant to Article 50 Clause 1, 2 and 3 of The SRC Constitution, and also pursuant to the undertaking signed by all aspirants, that for a candidate to qualifiy to be elected, he / she must obtain a minimum mark of 50% of the vetting score.

The Vetting Committee for the SRC 2019 Elections vetted all nine Aspirants on Tuesday April 30, 2019.

After the vetting, these are the results of those who have qualified according to the vetting results.


Philip Kwesi Agyei
Benjamin Ansah


Florence Dzidzor Adzah
Lana Kisiwah Osei


Philip Oduro Agyei


Afua Okailey Gyimah-Boateng

By this notice, The Electoral Commission has officially opened the window of Campaign for all qualified candidates mentioned above and admonish them to do their campaign in a decorous manner.

Meanwhile, SRC Elections is slated for Monday, May 6 2019.

Finally we wish all candidates who did not qualify the best of luck in their endeavours.

Thank you.


Adamu Ekililu
Electoral Commissioner
GIMPA SRC 2018/19

Frank N.K Baiden
E.C Secretary
GIMPA SRC 2018/19

Cc: The Rector of the Institute
Cc: The SRC President
Cc: The Dean of Students

Issued by:
The Information and Publicity Committee

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