Microsoft To-Do integration with Cortana rolls out to everyone

Cortana and the Microsoft To-Do productivity app are getting together to help you manage your tasks like a boss.

Microsoft To-Do was previously available for insiders, but now it’s officially being integrated with Cortana for regular users. Thanks to these updates, anyone will be able to summon Cortana to set up reminders – for anything from getting milk to making a call at 6:00pm sharp – and the voice assistant will pin those tasks to Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do.

The system is designed to sync to all of your devices, assuming you have the necessary apps installed of course, and send you reminders when it’s time to complete the tasks.

Microsoft To-Do was already a gorgeous, easy-to-manage productivity app, and now this Cortana integration brings it up to par with other management systems like Google Assistant with Google Calendar or Siri with Apple’s Calendar.

How to pair Cortana to Microsoft To-Do

To connect your smart assistant to Microsoft To-Do, you need to head to hit the Cortana button on your Windows 10 taskbar, click the notebook icon on the upper left, and then click on Manage Skills. From there, you’ll need to check your Connected Services and ensure you’re logged into your Outlook or Office 365 account.

After you’re all signed in and connected, Cortana, Microsoft To-Do, and Outlook will automatically start syncing.

For now, integration between Cortana and Microsoft To-Do is only available in English in Australia, India, the U.S., and the U.K. Users outside of these territories can still enable the feature by region and language settings. Unfortunately, it may take a while for Microsoft to make this feature universally available for everyone around the world.

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