Bismark Boateng is a student of the GIMPA School of Technology (SOT).

He served as Chairman for the SRC Sponsorship Committee. Under his chairmanship, He was able to bring a number of companies on board in support of the 2018/19 SRC Akwaaba Week celebration which in the history of the SRC has been noted as the biggest ever.

Chairman Bismark Boateng became the SRC external Affairs Chairman/Local NUGS President following appointment by the President to continue his good works .

His dedication to work makes him unique in every position assigned to him. He is a determined, open minded, visionary and objective in reasoning. Bismarck is stands resolute in all sit hence cannot be influenced by any personality or money.

He is a politician, an elder in a church and a successful businessman. He is the CEO of Bisboat Computers which two branches in Accra.


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