Apple announces Anki Drive, an AI robotics app controlled through iOS

Apple is just starting its WWDC keynote this morning, but it’s already announcing something quite interesting: a new company called Anki and its inaugural iOS app called Anki Drive, which centers around artificial intelligence and robotics. The name, which is Japanese for “memorize,” features smart cars that are capable of driving themselves (although you can certainly take over at any time) and communicate with your iPhone using Bluetooth LE. These intelligent vehicles, when placed upon a printed race track, can sense the track up to 500 times a second. The iOS-exclusive game is available as a beta in the App Store today, which you’ll need to sign up for — the full release won’t be coming until this fall — and it’s billed as a “video game in the real world.” According to the developers, “the real fun is when you take control of these cars yourselves,” which we can definitely attest to — the WWDC demo cars had weapons, after all.

credit engadget

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