The SRC, through this communiqué, is excited to introduce to you some power-packed activities that will be rolled out this academic year.

The activities for this academic year will begin with the annual ritual, “AKWAABA WEEK”, which is coming back with a little twist and a lot more fun.

As expected, ‘HAPPY HOUR’ will make a return this year along with other electrifying activities such as the old school ‘OUR DAY’. In classic Ghanaian fashion, the ‘2022 WORLD CUP’ will also be projected live on campus in pomp and pageantry.

Manifold projects like the “GIMPA GOES AFRICAN”, “SRC HELP DESK”, “ONUAPA FUND”, “GIMPA MEDIA” and the “STUDENT BUNDLE PACKAGE” are also in the pipeline.

“GIMPA GOES AFRICAN” is an initiative to allow students to rep their GIMPA Cloth on the last Friday of every month. The Help Desk is expected to serve as a medium to bridge the gap between students, the SRC, and Management. The “ONUAPA FUND” will be an endowment for students who need financial assistance. “GIMPA MEDIA” would serve as the information hub that aims at keeping the student populace abreast with happenings on campus regarding student affairs, school authorities, and corporate institutions. Finally, the “STUDENT BUNDLE PACKAGE” would be provided as an aid to make internet access very convenient for all students, especially those who have inconveniences buying data for academic purposes.

The SRC has strategically re-organized itself to bring the entire student body together and create a stronger sense of belonging to our GIMPA.

We look forward to a fruitful and fun-filled academic year.

The Publication and Information Committee,