Sandra Talata Mmabil Dobil – Womens’ Commissioner

Sandra Talata Mmabil Dobil is a highly accomplished individual with a passion for public service and a commitment to making a difference in her community. She is a graduate of the Koforidua Technical University, where she earned a Diploma in Public Administration, and currently pursuing BSc in Public Administration in Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

Throughout her education, Sandra has demonstrated strong leadership skills, as evidenced by her positions as Senior Girl’s Prefect and SRC Vice President at Lady of Mercy Senior High School. She continued her leadership journey as the PRO of the Institute of Distance Learning at KTU, where she was responsible for promoting the programs and activities of the institute.

In addition to her academic and professional achievements, Sandra is also a strong advocate for important social causes. She is the founder of The Mmabil Care Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the lives of people in her community. Additionally, she serves as an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, working with the Ghana AIDS Commission to educate and empower people affected by the disease.

Sandra’s commitment to making a positive impact in her community was further recognized when she was named 4th Runner Up in Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2020, representing the Upper East Region. Her beauty and grace, coupled with her passion and dedication to serving others, make her a true inspiration to those around her.

In conclusion, Sandra Talata Mmabil Dobil is a highly talented and motivated individual who embodies the qualities of leadership, compassion, and dedication. She is well poised to continue making a positive impact in her community and beyond.