Notice to Student Body

Date: 18th February 2021

Notice to Student Body

The Interim Management Committee (IMC) will like to inform the general student body on its intention to conduct SRC elections as mandated.

The IMC would further like to entreat all students who intend to participate in this election by way of voting and contesting to register for the first semester 2020/2021 academic year by 28th February 2021.

The SRC has had various engagements with the Dean of Students-Affairs on the mode of examination. The IMC pointed out to the dean that a good number of students live far from campus and as such physical examination would not be possible, mainly because students rent hostels and apartments during the course of the academic year but due to the online tuition this semester, many students did not this time around.

The IMC proposed a great reduction in the fees to the Dean highlighting the cost savings the school has made especially in the areas of utilities and facility management.

The issues relating to registration were brought up at the meeting and have been duly resolved.

Thank you.

Bismark Boateng.

Interim President