Mabel Yawa Mensah – Vice President

Mabel Yawa Mensah is a third year Public Administration student. Her spontaneous and curios edge, always wanting to try new things had landed her in the leadership position now as the First ever female Vice President of GIMPA SRC.

She joined the GIMPA Wellness ambassadors in September 2021. Mabel is very passionate about student leadership and served as a GA member of the 2021/2022 SRC administration. She was part of the most recent constitutional review team. Mabel has experience in Student Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Customer Management, Human Resource and Corporate account management.

She is a dedicated, organized and methodical individual. She has an active and dynamic approach towards work and getting things done. She loves to have fun, listen to music and a lover of the gym. Mabel is creative and always up for new challenges. She is well organized and always plan ahead to make sure she manages her time well.

She wants to help others see and feel that things can be different. Because it is possible, as long as you are willing to look at yourself. Mabel wants to use her experience and leadership positions held to inspire the younger generation, especially females and become a philanthropist. She also wishes to further her studies in international relations and become an ambassador in future.