GIMPA Takes part in GUSA Games

For the first time in the history of our beloved GIMPA we are taking part in the annual GUSA GAMES.

What are the GUSA GAMES? GUSA stands for Ghana Universities Sports Associations, an association of all the sports faculties in the public universities. This association holds annual games hosted by a different member each year. However the games have been dormant for some time, indeed almost dead.

So how did we get here? The games have been revived by the Committee of Vice Chancellors in Ghana. And who is the head of this committee? Our very own Rector, Prof. Philip Ebow Bondzie-Simpson.

All that has changed this year as GIMPA takes part in the GUSA GAMES for the first time. The games are being hosted by the University of Ghana, Legon, just down the road from Greenhill.

The GIMPA Basketball team (yes, you didn’t know we had one, did you?) are playing KNUST on Sunday 5th January at 5pm.

The opening ceremony will be held on Monday 6th January at 1pm, on the main sports field at the University of Ghana..

Our first football match takes place immediately after the ceremony at 3pm against the University of Ghana.

Come and support the GIMPA teams on this historic occasion!! Be a part of what is certain to be a joyous and victorious entry into GUSA by GIMPA!

Come in your numbers!