GIMPA Clinic to Roll out Four New Specialist Services Next Year

The GIMPA Clinic will from the beginning of next year, add on four new specialist services. These services are Pediatric, OB Gynae, Eye, and Physician specialist. The move is to widen the scope of services provided to staff and students.

Currently, the hospital provides Primary Health Care, Health Education, Medical Laboratory Services, Dispensary Services, Emergency Services and Minor Surgical Procedures. The rest are Referral Services, Family Planning, staff and student Health Screening, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) screening, among others.

The Clinic will from next year also adopt a software system that will replace the filing system currently being used. This will not only enhance the provision of services but will boost the call by many organizations and government for organizations to operate a paperless system.

The above was revealed when the Medical Officer of the GIMPA Clinic, Dr Daniel Adumuah Nortey, met with staff to discuss COVID-19 issues, and services provided by the Clinic.

The meeting also aimed at assessing the preparations made by Schools, Directorate and Units toward the re-opening of the Institute.

The GIMPA Clinic, although an ultramodern facility with state of the art equipment, is not open to the public for now as the focus is on quality health care for staff and students.

Dr Nortey interacted with staff on the basic issues of the corona virus and the various safety protocols that staff and students alike need to adhere to.

The Rector of GIMPA, who was present at the meeting, indicated that Central Administration, together with Council, will discuss how best the Institute can raise the age of registered dependents of staff who are on the Institute’s Health Insurance Scheme from 18 years to 21 years.

“I believe the end of the year at which the dependent turns 21 years is apt because it will allow those born in the first and second quarters of the year to benefit from the insurance till 31st December of that year,” he further explained.

Office of Corporate Affairs & Institutional Advancement