Ghana’s debt stock at 205.5 billion cedis by July 2019

New Data released by the Bank of Ghana shows that the country’s total debt stock has hit 205.5 billion cedis by July 2019, representing 59.4 percent of GDP.

The data shows that between May and July this year Ghana’s debt stock increased by 5.5 billion cedis.

By May 2019, the debt stock was at 200 billion cedis.

Comparing the debt stock to the same period in 2018, the figure was at 159.7 billion cedis which represented 53.5 percent of the GDP at the time.

A breakdown of the deb stock shows that the external component was at 20.4 billion dollars representing 31 percent of GDP.

The domestic side is made up of 98 billion cedis representing 28.4 percent of GDP.

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