GCB Bank to expand to other West African countries

Ray Sowah, Managing Director of GCB Bank, has revealed that the Bank plans to expand its operations into the West Africa sub-region, beginning with the English-speaking countries.

A statement from the Bank to the Ghana News Agency noted that the Bank was also exploring with a foreign partner to form a joint venture to provide insurance products to Ghanaians.

According to the statement, Mr Sowah speaking at the Facts Behind the Figures Programme organised by the Ghana Stock Exchange in Accra highlighted the Bank’s intentions.

He said: “We are also looking at the sub-region. We have an agenda of moving into various countries and we are prosecuting that agenda. We do hope that we will make investments into other countries and that will inure to the benefit of people to have the opportunity of going out to learn new things and to teach people what they have learned here.”

GCB Bank Limited, the statement said, was set to introduce new products as part of efforts to expand its operations, promote digitisation and improve the quality of service it renders to customers and the public.

It said GCB’s mobile wallet, Internet Banking with trade solution and mobile application would be launched in July 2019, while the Agency Banking would be introduced in December 2019.

Mr. Sowah disclosed that the Bank had decided to diversify and was looking forward to boosting non-funded income, the statement said.

In that direction, the Bank was converting its subsidiary, called Development Finance Holdings into a full investment Bank to be known as GCB Security Limited, it added.

“That subsidiary is going to do all the works in investment banking in this country and compete for business in terms of book running and investments. So, we do hope that we will create another stream of income from that,” he added.

The statement explained that the focus on providing first-class banking solutions to all customers and value to stakeholders to meet the everyday needs of customers was in line with GCB Bank’s strategic plan.

In that regard, the Bank would rely heavily on safe, secure and convenient mobile and digital banking to drive the agenda of bringing banking to the doorstep of the people.

“We want to let people from all walks of life; especially the unbanked have access to banking in a way they have never experienced before. We also have a mobile banking wallet, which is coming out shortly and will be accessible to the public,” Mr. Sowah said. Source: GNA