OCTOBER 27, 2019

1.The Students Representative Council (SRC) by this communique informs all students of the Institute that the deadline of fee payment for the first semester of 2019/2020 Academic year registration has been extended to Friday, November 08, 2019

  1. The above means that, a student would only bear the full Registration status only if such student has made full (100%) payment of fees which is subject to registration before or on Friday, November, 08, 2019.
  2. Subject to item 2 , the SRC further informs students that those who made payments of 60% prior to the earlier deadline and successfully registered for the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year are to pay the outstanding balance of 40% before or on Friday,November, 08 2019 to attain the full registration status or risk being deregistered.
  3. Notwithstanding item 3 above, the SRC urges all students who have not so far been able to make any payments prior to the initial deadline of Wednesday,16 October 2019 to take advantage of this extension and pay the 100% fee before or on Wednesday, November 06,2019. Such students should note that for fees paid to reflect, it takes a period of 48 hours Thus to fall within the remits of the said deadline, payment should have been made latest by Wednesday,06,November 2019.
  4. To be able to acquire the full student registration status required for the first Semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, all students of the institute must have paid their fees in full and successfully registered before or on Friday,November 08, 2019.
  5. Students are to note that payment of fees only is not a guarantee for registration, hence all students are advised to successfully register and print a proof of registration for future reference.
  6. In the absence of full payments and registration not met on or before the stipulated deadline of Friday, November 08, 2019, provisionally registered students will be automatically deregistered whiles other students who were unable to make the initial 60% and subsequently failed to take advantage of this extension to redeem themselves by paying the full fee will have to defer. This is however subject to a penalty of GHC1000 for late full fee payment and late registration.

The SRC welcomes all complaints of challenges at its doorstep for consideration.

Thank you.


Prince Owusu-Adjapong .

Public Relations Officer, SRC