The following Examination Regulations extracted from the Student Handbooks (2017-2021), Postgraduate and Undergraduate, are published to remind candidates of the existence of these rules.  Prescribed sanctions, also in the Handbooks, will be applied when these regulations are infracted. All candidates are advised to apprise themselves with all the Examination rules and regulations in the Handbooks.

These are to be read by the Invigilators at the beginning of every examination session. 1.0 Eligibility for Examinations

1.1​Candidate must have registered for the course in the semester

1.2​Candidate must have followed the approved course as a regular student over the required period in the semester and attended at least 75% of the lectures and undertaken all other assignments as approved by the Institute and completed the continuous assessment requirements.

1.3​Candidate has fully paid all fees.

1.4​Candidate must possess a valid GIMPA Students Identity Card and an Examination Card

2.0Examination Room Prohibitions

2.1​It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator and any other requiredequipment or material to each examination.  These should be kept in a transparent case.

2.2​Do not bring to the examination venue or to the washroom of the examination venue any note- books, cellular or mobile phones, correction fluid, unauthorized electronic devices, duffle bags, opaque pencil bags or any other unauthorized material

2.3​Do not enter examination room until you are invited, called or requested to enter the examination room

2.4​Do not leave the examination room within the first thirty minutes of the examination session unless you are unwell and permitted by the invigilator.  You will be accompanied by an Invigilation Assistant.

2.5​If a student becomes ill or is affected by unforeseen circumstances immediately before or during an examination, the student must advise the invigilator of his/her condition.  If the student chooses to continue, the student will be asked to endorse to fitness to sit declaration form.

2.6​Do not leave the examination room the last fifteenminutes of the examination, remain seated until the examination scripts have been collected by the Invigilator.

2.7​Do not obstruct or frustrate the work of any examination official

2.8​Do not hide unauthorized material on your body. Do not refuse to submit your body to search, when that becomes necessary

2.9​Do not communicate with a fellow candidate in the examination hall

2.10​Do not copy or attempt to pass information or an instruments to another candidate during an examination.  Raise your hand to catch the attention of the Invigilator for assistance.

2.11​Do not copy or attempt to copy from another candidate or engage in any similar activity

2.12​Do not use correction fluid in any examination answer booklet.

2.13​Do not borrow any material from another candidate. Raise your hand to catch the attention of the Invigilator for assistance.

2.14​Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverage is not allowed in the examination halls.