Dear Student,

The Electoral Commission of the SRC wishes to inform and bring to your notice that the 2018/19 GIMPA SRC Elections shall be held today 16th May 2019.

The details are below:

Venue: Central Lawn, Main Reception. GIMPA.

Time: 6am – 6pm

Students are further to note that to be eligible to vote, students must present their student ID’s as proof.

The EC encourages all students to turn up to vote and elect the most preferred and competent candidate into office.

Any updates will duly be communicated.

Any misleading notices not sent from the Office of the Electoral Commission should be treated as false and invalid.

Thank you


Richard O. Nortey
Electoral Commissioner GIMPA SRC 2018/19

Frank N.K Baiden
E.C Secretary
GIMPA SRC 2018/19

Issued by:
The Information and Publicity Committee